Carlos Alberto Torres

Managing Director


Mr. Torres serves as Managing Director of AshmoreAVENIDA and is a member of the Investment Committee. Mr. Torres manages overall project selection, execution and disposition of AshmoreAVENIDA’s real estate fund investments in Colombia. Prior to joining AshmoreAVENIDA in 2012, Mr. Torres previously served as General Manager and President of Pedro Gomez & CIA, a Colombian developer of residential and commercial projects.  During his time at Pedro Gomez, he oversaw the development and commercialization of 10 retail shopping centers and over 20 residential projects.


Before joining Pedro Gomez, Mr. Torres was the General Manager at Union Temporal Desarollo Vial del Valle del Cauca y Cauca, a construction and engineering company where he led the Malla Vial project, a urban street refurbishment project in Bogotá with a total project value of USD $500 million. Mr. Torres previously was the Sub-director General of the public sector Institututo de Desarollo Urbano (IDU) in Bogotá, Colombia where he led the planning and execution process for various real estate and infrastructure projects with a total value of over USD $900 million. Mr. Torres received a MSE with distinction in Construction Engineering & Management from the University of Michigan and graduated from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá.

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