Michael Teich


Bogotá & New York

Mr. Teich serves as Founder, Principal of AshmoreAVENIDA and is a member of the Investment Committee. Mr. Teich is responsible for local partner relationships, deal sourcing as well as asset management and has underwritten over USD 500 million in real estate transactions in Latin America. Prior to founding AshmoreAVENIDA, Mr. Teich was a Vice President at Global Market Services, Inc., where he was responsible for overseeing the platform for the sale of construction materials in Latin America.


Prior to joining Global Market Services, Mr. Teich was a Senior Associate in Barcelona, Spain for Diamond Cluster International, an international strategy consulting firm, where he was active on several infrastructure engagements in Europe and Latin America.  Mr. Teich has deep knowledge and experience in Latin American markets, and has built significant relationships in the region over his career. Mr. Teich received a BA with honors in Economics and Political Science, with a focus on Latin American studies, from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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